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Teacher Professional Learning

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Unconcious Bias Workshop


CPD for teachers

  • In this workshop you will learn about the role unconscious bias around gender can play in 

  • creating stereotypes and the impacts that can have on the choices girls and young women make when it comes to participating in subjects in school and later on in the choices they make in their careers.

  • This workshop will explore how such bias can be addressed and you will be guided through a case study of one school involved in the project where you will hear about that school’s experience, the initiatives they made, and the impact it had on the school community.

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Stereotyping and Bias in STEM


CPD for teachers

  • Why do you think there are significant gender differences in the selection of stem subjects between boys and girls?

  • Do you believe that girls and boys learn differently? If so, how is this manifested in STEM lessons?

  • Reflecting on your own experience of STEM education do you think there was a gender bias in STEM subjects? Does this impact on how you go about teaching STEM?

  • Do you think we should try to encourage girls to consider careers in stem? If so What do you think should be done to attract more young women into careers in science and technology? What can be done in primary schools?

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Understanding the Mysteries of the Brain

Prof. Keith Murphy, Professor of Neuropharmacology


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